Con t en t s Stephan Koja 8 CARAVAGGIO The Drama of Human Existence Valeska von Rosen 12 COMPET ING FOR ATTRACT I VE P I CTURES OF YOUTHS Caravaggio’s Saint John in the Galleria Capitolina Iris Yvonne Wagner 36 TRANSFORMAT ION AND INNOVAT ION IN CARAVAGGIO’S WORK Christoph Orth 56 ON THE EDGE Ambiguous Subjects among Caravaggio’s Followers Iris Yvonne Wagner 74 BETWEEN SACRED AND PROFANE Nicolas Régnier, Nicolas Tournier, and Valentin de Boulogne in Rome Anja Heitzer 92 CARAVAGGIO IN THE NETHERLANDS Christoph Orth 1 18 OF SAINTS AND HEROES Neapolitan and Spanish Painting in the Light and Shadow of Caravaggio Iris Yvonne Wagner 148 DAV ID AND GOL IATH Variations on a Caravaggesque Motif APPENDI X Verena Perlhefter 164 “Una vita violenta”. The Life of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio 174 List of Exhibited Works 178 Literature 183 Image Credits 184 Colophon