House of Futures

Herausgeber: Futurium, Berlin
104 Seiten, 94 most col. pictures
in english language
24 x 16 cm, Klappenbroschur
Erscheinungsdatum 5.9.2019
ISBN 978-3-95498-499-2
At Futurium, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live? One thing we know for sure today: in the future, we will have major challenges to overcome. How can we get climate change under control? Which technologies do we want to use in the future? How do we want to live together as a society? Are there any alternatives to ‘higher, further, faster’? The future also rises from our decisions and actions in the present. For this reason, Futurium wants to inspire all of its visitors to engage themselves with the future and to play a part in shaping it.
This book presents the work of Futurium, brings together short essays by researchers who study the future and guides you through the exhibition and Futurium Lab. Including interactive and do-it-yourself ideas.