A Class of their Own

Historical Ship Interiors by Deutsche Werkstätten

Herausgeber: Deutsche Werkstätten
200 Seiten, 193 partially colored illustrations
23 x 23 cm, Pappband
Erscheinungsdatum 12.12.2018
ISBN 978-3-95498-445-9
Deutsche Werkstätten fits out the largest and most stunning luxury yachts in the world today – picking up on a tradition that seemed almost forgotten for many years. In the first decades of the twentieth century, the company designed and produced some of the most cutting-edge interiors for German passenger ships, including extravagant ocean liners and large steamboats for inland navigation. The designs were supplied by artists and architects like Richard Riemerschmid, Adelbert Niemeyer, Karl Bertsch and Bruno Paul. With historical photographs, plans and design drawings, this publication presents 20 such interiors, introduces the most important designers and provides information about all the ships known to date whose interiors were created by Deutsche Werkstätten.