Russian Avant-Garde Art from the Vladimir Tsarenkov Collection

Herausgeber: Ingrid Mössinger; Brigitta Milde; Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz
424 Seiten, 428 mostly colored Ill.
in englischer Sprache
31,5 x 24,5 cm, Festeinband
Erscheinungsdatum 20.2.2017
ISBN 978-3-95498-300-1
Between 1905 and 1920 Russia was convulsed by revolutions, war and civil war. At the same time a young generation of artists ventured a new beginning. In exhibitions and publications they cooperated with the Western European avant-garde and developed artistic approaches of their own like Cubo-Futurism and Suprematism.
The London collection of Vladimir Tsarenkov illustrates the aesthetic revolt and utopian social ambitions of these upstarts in paintings, drawings and prints – by Natalia Goncharova, Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Deineka and many other major artists – as well as in designs for applied art. Among the collection’s highlights are its numerous high-quality porcelains from the period with constructivist or agitprop decor.