Karl der Große / Charlemagne

Exhibition Guide

Herausgeber: Sarvenaz Ayooghi; Frank Pohle; Peter van den Brink; Stadt Aachen
128 Seiten, 64 farbige Abb.
in englischer Sprache
22 x 16 cm, Broschur
Erscheinungsdatum 18.6.2014
ISBN 978-3-95498-117-5
1200 years ago – on January 28, 814 – Charlemagne died in Aachen. In 2014 Aachen celebrated this anniversary with a spectacular exhibition project, focussing on the person and on his work. The Short Guide makes two exhibitions »Places of Power« and »Charles Art« through 57 exhibit descriptions with large-format illustrations understandable in a concise and easy format.